About Lash Envy

Lash Envy specializes in custom eyelash extensions from Utah's most requested beauty professionals. From special occasions such as weddings, reunions, dances, to everyday wear... we have a unique look for you. Our passion is creating beautiful eyes that make you look and feel gorgeous. Check back often to stay up to date on promotions, new services, photos, and events.



A love of beauty, skin, makeup, and working with people led Kristy to pursue her Master Esthetics license. This is where she discovered her natural talent and love for lashes.

Kristy became a certified lash extensionist in 2007. She started working as a full time lash designer at a leading salon where she quickly was named an advanced certified extensionist and most requested lash artist. Her drive to make each set perfect, and a caring approach set her apart as one of the best.

"Lash artistry not only requires an acute attention to detail you must also have a skilled eye and hand to know exactly which lash to use and where. It is important to tailor lashes to each personality, eye shape, facial structure, lash condition, life style and countless other factors. It's an art form and an acquired skill." This skill set has taken Kristy's artistic nature to new levels.

"I'm so addicted! I can't imagine life without my lashes. It saves me so much time getting ready and I noticed I even wear less make up. I'm impressed every time I look in the mirror." -Melissa, SLC

"Crafting beautiful lashes is such an artistic release for me," Kristy says. "I love seeing the end result and my clients faces in awe when they see their new lashes. I take a genuine interest in my clients. I'm so lucky to love what I do so much."



Sweet as she is pretty, Vivian's sunny demeanor is adored by all that meet her. She has built a reputation as an outstanding artist with an intuitive ability to enhance natural beauty and understand her clients needs.

"I have never looked better! I was asked on a date for the first time in 5 years after you did my make-up and lashes. It really boosted my confidence." Abbie, Sandy

Vivian's lifelong passion for makeup has turned into a rewarding career. In 2006 she attended the Make-Up Designory (M.U.D.) in Los Angeles, California, where she excelled and became an in-demand make-up artist. She began working in film, magazines, print photography, runway shows, weddings, special effects, and theatrical make-up design. Vivian is also a Lancome cosmetics regional guest artist and has been a make-up artist with them for over 5 years.

Vivian utilizes her make up expertise to further her ability to create custom lash extensions for her clients. Knowledge of facial contouring and attention to detail make her an exceptional Lash Extension Designer. Vivian became a certified lash designer in 2009 and has quickly gained a loyal clientele at Lash Envy.

"As I speak with women about what they'd like my make-up to do for them, time and time again I hear, 'Bring out my eyes!' That is where Lash Envy's concept of 'luxury eye design' comes from. Lash extensions give women the lashes they've always dreamed about having, and draws attention right where they want it....their eyes."